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One way or another your body has to have protein, iron, calcium, enzymes, Vitamin B12 and amino acids every day. Even when you find these, your body can’t always utilize them.  But, when found in meat, they are highly digestible.

Meat is one of natures most balanced foods and is filled with the things that our bodies need to build and maintain muscle, gain strength and vitality, and power us through a busy day!

    If you do an Internet search for meat protein, iron, calcium, enzymes or amino acids the chances are you’ll find a lot of websites that tell you to avoid eating meat; and then go on to explain how you can try to recreate the balanced diet you need by consuming a complicated set of vegetables, beans and supplements.  If meat wasn’t already a good naturally occurring food designed for our bodies, it wouldn’t be so hard to get what we need in vegetable form.

    The fact is, meat is the most naturally occurring, well balanced and easily obtained and digested package of proteins, essential acids and source of iron and Vitamin B 12 that you can find.  Somehow you must find and consume all of the things that meat provides so that your body can stay healthy.  A meat based high protein diet is good for you.  Even vegetarians are realizing they need meat in their diet.

If fat concerns you, eat lean meat, and don’t forget to watch out for industrial grade vegetable fats -- hydrogenated and hydrogenized vegetable oils -- i.e. trans-fatty acids (Denmark banned trans fats).  When given the choice, I stick to the natural fat that’s found in meat.  In fact a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2014 says that animal based fats are not bad for you.

We need meat.  Our bodies run best when we eat both meat and plants.  Meat has what our body needs.  With great effort and commitment we can replicate much of the health benefits found in a piece of freshly cooked lean meat by substituting other things.  Or we can simply fix our favorite cut of meat, eat it and take enormous steps toward giving our body what it needs to be healthy and strong.

It’s true that like anything else, over indulgence can throw our diet out of balance if we go overboard.  But the common sense approach to good health and vitality, is to eat meat along with some fresh fruits and vegetables.  And, there’s nothing wrong with a piece of bread now and then, but eat it in moderation -- most breads are highly refined and contain a lot of nonessential carbohydrates.  And avoid a lot of highly processed sugars, starches and snack foods.  Studies show that red meat diets are not only okay, they are especially important for women and people over the age of 30.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to exercise and get some fresh air, and try to get enough sleep at night.  Your body needs to recharge.

‘Slamming’ meat and pressing for the rights of farm animals may be in vogue in some circles, but the best long term approach to living is to support the human race first, eat with balance and moderation, and use some common sense.  I believe in proper animal welfare, but I also believe in proper human being care.  Humans are part of the environment and in natures food chain too!

With intense discipline and good luck you could balance your diet without meat.  But the power of meat in the human diet is undeniable.  Meat is good for you!

”The Wonder of Meat”

This website is not to be construed as dietary advice or support for the meat industry.  This site is simply an area designed to cause you to think about the practical aspect of being and eating like a human being while on this planet.  A balanced diet, some rest and exercise, and living with a dose of common sense is being advocated.  It’s considered a practical approach to living.  You decide what makes the most sense to you.


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power of meat beef pork chicken protein iron amino acids enzymes vitamin B 12

power of meat beef pork chicken protein iron amino acids enzymes vitamin B 12

power of meat beef pork chicken protein iron amino acids enzymes vitamin B 12

power of meat beef pork chicken protein iron amino acids enzymes vitamin B 12